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Schemes and scholarships for sports in India

Thriving in any profession requires effort, time, personal network and money (to learn/train for a skill). Sports is also one such area in which an athlete needs to put in hard work consistently over time, build a netowrk of mentors, coaches and well wishers and spend money on learning or acquiring new skills to become their best version. But not every individual can afford quality training or up-skilling.

To uplift and promote sports among individuals and support athletes who show promising skill and grit, the Government of India/Universities/Organisations have made available multiple schemes and scholarships for the benefit of the athletes. This is a great step towards making dreams come true for millions of individuals across the country.

We have aggregated a list of such scholarships to bring awareness to parents, athletes and coaches of such facilities and help them take a step closer to achieving their dreams.

Note: Please avail caution to verify authenticity of such programs before enrolling and always get the complete information on process from the initiator of such schemes. Our job is to collate such information but it is upon the individual to apply caution. And always check the eligibility and last date of application before applying.

NISD National Sports Scholarship - https://nationalsports.co.in

Indian Oil Sports Scholarship (2022) - https://iocl.com/pages/Sports-Scholarship-2022#

AAI Sports Scholarship - https://www.aai.aero/sites/default/files/scb/Scholarship  form 2023-24.pdf

Reliance Foundation Youth Sports - https://www.rfyouthsports.com/about-us/what-is-rfys

PACE scholarships by GoSports Foundation - https://www.gosportsfoundation.in

Global Indian School - https://noida.globalindianschool.org/scholarships/giis-global-sports-scholarship

Universities that offer sports scholarships

  • SRM University, Tamil Nadu
  • Netaji Shubas National Institute of Sports
  • Rizvi College, Mumbai
  • St. Stephen's College, Delhi
  • Amity University, Noida

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