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From Distraction to Focus! How Right Mindset can elevate your game…

From Distraction to Focus! How Right Mindset can elevate your game…

A Calm Mind without any negativity or pressure can excel 5x on any given day compared to a person who is going through multiple things in his/her mind. A clear and calm mind is a must not only as an athlete but also as a human being because it will lead you towards the roads of happiness and success in the most organic way.

Instead of thinking about your stress or what others are upto, channelize that time and energy onto yourself on what you can do with yourself to make your time more productive!

Developing a Quiet Mind is very important to gain success in cricket, a quiet mind is being in a focused state free from any sort of distractions and negativity.  Having a mind like that allows you to react and perform seamlessly under pressure. Also remember, a calm mind is not just about winning, it’s also about enjoying the moment, enjoying the game and reaching your full potential.

Three Key aspects to keep in mind:

Strong Mental Game

Nurture optimism, believe in yourself and stay positive even when you are faced with harshest of challenges. Maintain self-belief and trust your skills under pressure. Have faith in your abilities as it will help you big time in overcoming setbacks. As an athlete, you need to learn from your mistakes, analyze failures constructively and use them as a stepping stone for improvement.

Unlocking Calmness:

Mindfulness is the key to unlocking calmness. Be fully present in all situations, observe your thoughts without any judgements and stay focused on the game. See yourself succeeding, building confidence and trust in your abilities by adapting to positive visualization. One of the tried and tested methods for unlocking calmness is through breathing exercises. Take deep breaths while slowing down your heart rate as you calm your mind to unlock a composed and relaxed state of mind.

Sharpening your mind:

To sharpen your mind, one needs to practice mindfulness daily. For that, meditating daily or doing yoga or simply doing deep breathing exercises will help a lot. At the same time, start visualizing your success, imagine yourself executing perfect shots, catches and deliveries! If your mind is going through a turmoil, don’t hesitate seeking guidance from your coach or mental health professionals to strengthen your game.