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Homeground Cricket App crosses 10,000+ App Downloads!

Homeground Cricket App crosses 10,000+ App Downloads!

Homeground Cricket  One of the Best Platforms for cricketers to access analysis and coaching tools seems to be on a roll as within a few years of their inception, they have reached out to users across the world with over 10000+ app downloads pan India as well as outside India.

Homeground App provides real time feedback and analysis through their state of the art AI Technology which helps cricketers in detecting their flaws and helps them work on improving their game. Homeground App is a tool which goes hand in hand in a cricketer’s journey while it can be an equally effective tool to add for Academies and Coaches who can streamline and make their coaching more efficient adding tech elements to their coaching techniques.

It’s a go to platform for anyone associated with cricket and they plan to add multiple features in the coming time to ensure every user who is part of Homeground Community gets maximum benefit in their cricketing journey. Homeground also plans to bring in some exciting tools for cricket teams and broadcasters and 2024 seems to be the year where many new horizons will open.

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