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How to Play a Pull Shot?

How to Play a Pull Shot?

Pull Shot has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing and entertaining shots in Cricket but do you know it requires great amount of technique and batsmanship to pull that off? Over the years we have seen the likes of Pontings, the Warners, the Sharmas, the Kohlis captivating the audience with fabulous pull shots but it also takes years of practice and hard work to master that shot.

As much easy as it looks, it requires great amount of hand eye co-ordination, body weight transfer and quick reflexes to pull or hook those 140kmph+ deliveries getting hurled at you!

The pull shot is an attacking shot played off the back foot by hitting the ball from outside the bodyline and onto the on side, past midwicket. The best opportunity to play the pull shot is a short pitched delivery reaching up between the chest and waist level of the batsman. As a batter, you need to ensure your back foot should go back and across to the line of the ball while you keep your weight forward and keep your arms extended at full length to ensure control in the shot.

To keep the ball on the ground, play the ball from a high back lift and come down on the ball and there will be chances of you executing a perfect pull shot!