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Role of fitness in cricket

Role of fitness in cricket

The game of cricket has evolved so much in the past 50 years from a slow paced 5-day test to a gripping 4 hour T-20 encounter. Alongwith skill and the range of shots that the current players have in their kitty, fitness also is a major skill they are acing. Importance of fitness in cricket starts at a very young age and is inculcated in to the training programs of every cricketer training to become the best.

Having a good fitness plan is essenital for a cricketer that improves balance, core strength, flexibility, speed and power. In addition to helping the player perform better, fitness helps in mindfulness, better discipline and brings focus to the game.

In the short form of the game with so much happening very quickly the player needs to adapt to the situation and perform and to do this they have to put in immense effort in training. In addition to the benefits on the ground a good fitness regime helps the player in faster recovery from injury, less downtime and improved endurance.

Even though fitness is a priority, having a good plan and consistently executing it is necessary to get the required improvements. The compound effect of the training cannot be negelcted.

We now are witnessing specialised fitness trainers for players and help every player get better in their role. A batsman’s fitneess routine is different from a fast bowler’s routine and the fitness experts help them condition according to the requirement. The focus is also on the movements that a player makes consistently and help them in strengthening it.

In Indian cricket, Virat Kohli has been at the forerunner in maintaining and spreading the importance of fitness for cricketers. Many youngsters look up to players like Virat, MS Dhoni and try to emulate thier training routines.

To summarise the following are the 8 key fitness compenents of cricket

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility

The current players and teams have a deep focus on fitness and it is evident in the way they bat, field and bowl. Cricketers are role model for millions of people and are showing their followers the importance of leading and maintaining a fit lifestlye.