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Technology in Cricket - rise of AI and wearables

Technology in Cricket - rise of AI and wearables

Technology in cricket has been available for some time now and it has changed the way the game has evolved. It is being used at both the elite level and at the grassroots to improve player performance, decision-making, fan engagement and coaching.

Here is a deep dive in to cricket tech solutions for different use cases and skill levels

Cricket Tech for decision-making

  • Decision Review System (DRS)
  • DRS is a technology used to assist the on-field umpires in making accurate decisions on appeals for dismissals and other on-field incidents. It uses multiple camera angles and ball-tracking technology to provide a more comprehensive view of the action.
  • Hawk-eye
  • Hawk-Eye is a ball-tracking technology that is used to track the trajectory of the ball in real-time. It is used in conjunction with DRS to provide accurate predictions of the ball's path and helps the on-field umpire to make better decisions.
  • Snickometer
  • Snickometer is a technology used to detect edges from the bat or pad by using sound wave technology. It is used in conjunction with DRS to help the on-field umpires make better decisions on appeals for caught behinds or LBW (Leg Before Wicket) decisions.
  • Hot Spot
  • Hot Spot is an infrared camera system that is used to detect the impact of the ball on the bat, pads, or even the players' bodies. It is also used in conjunction with DRS to help the on-field umpires make better decisions on appeals for dismissals.
  • LED stumps
  • LED stumps and bails are used to make the game more interesting and exciting for fans. They light up when the bails are dislodged, making it easier to see when a wicket has been taken.

Cricket Tech for Coaching at the grassroots

  • Cricket coaching apps
  • There are several coaching apps available that provide training resources, tips, and advice to help players improve their skills. These apps also offer tools to help coaches plan and organize training sessions and monitor their players' progress. Take a look at Cricket Coach 365 and Cricket Australia Coaching app to get started.
  • Smart cricket bats
  • Cricket bats with a bluetooth enabled sticker captures bat downward swing, backlift, bat speed, bat impact point and other metrics to help the player understand and improve thier bat timing, power and speed. Str8Bat, Spektakom and StanceBeam to name a few.
  • Smart cricket balls
  • Smart cricket balls are designed to provide players with instant feedback on their bowling, including speed, spin rate, and deviation. They also record data on the ball's trajectory, which can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement. kookaburra Smart ball and SeeHow smart ball are some of the players in this domain
  • Virtual coaching platforms
  • Virtual coaching platforms allow players to receive coaching and feedback from experienced coaches, no matter where they are in the world. These platforms typically use video analysis and communication tools to help players improve their skills. Check out Cricket Mentoring and The Cricket school

Cricket Tech for the Elite athletes

  • Wearable Technology
  • Wearable technology such as GPS trackers, heart rate monitors, and accelerometers can provide valuable insights into an elite cricketer's physical performance during training and matches. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement and to develop personalized training programs. Example - Catapult, CricFlex
  • Video analysis software
  • Video analysis software can be used to review footage of matches and training sessions, enabling coaches and players to identify technical flaws, tactical errors, and areas for improvement. Video analysis software can also be used to study opponents and develop game strategies. Example - Coach’s Eye
  • Virtual reality training
  • Virtual reality training allows elite cricketers to practice in a simulated environment, replicating match situations and scenarios. This can help players to improve their decision-making, anticipation, and reaction times. Example - Virtual Eye
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Biomechanical analysis uses sophisticated sensors and cameras to capture and analyze an elite cricketer's movements, providing insights into their technique and identifying areas for improvement. Example - K-Motion
  • Performance analytics
  • Performance analytics software can be used to analyze data from matches and training sessions, providing insights into an elite cricketer's performance and helping them to identify areas for improvement.
  • Mental training apps
  • Mental training apps can help elite cricketers to improve their focus, concentration, and resilience, helping them to perform at their best under pressure. Example - Headspace, Calm

These are some of the applications of Technology in Cricket, the game has evolved and use of tech has increased many folds. We at HomeGround built an AI platform that helps apsiring cricketers get access to quality coaching for as little as $3 without a need for wearables or sensors. Our target is to reach 300 Million cricketers worldwide.

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